Passing the Baton

Sadly, Buckeye TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT (Cee-Cee) has passed on to greener pastures. Her warm, smiley personality surely is rocking in Doggie Heaven.


Cee-Cee (2007-2017)

Happily, there is a new mutt in town: Breezi.


Breezi is fast making new friends in the backyard of her new forever home.

Breezi has agreed to take on a new assignment for the Chicken Soup for Buckeyes family of Napoleon, Ohio. She will be sharing Ohio trivia, bits and pieces of the history and times of the state of Ohio.


Six-year-old Breezi in her new office.

She welcomes new readers!

Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg






Napoleon Ohio Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day in Napoleon, Ohio, started with the traditional morning Veterans salute parade and a ceremony of thanks and recognition at the bridge. A flags high Honor Guard led the parade along Perry Street.


Napoleon, Ohio’s high school band participated in the 2018 Memorial Day Parade


The temperature was extreme, even at 10 a. m., and students were provided water frequently during their march from the Henry County Fairgrounds, across the bridge, to the Henry County Veterans Memorial at the Courthouse grounds.

Enjoy the following photos from today’s parade…


And say thank you to a Vet today!


A Cub Scout proudly takes the challenge to keep his native flag high, never to touch the ground!


Lots of flags were scene on private lawns around town before parade day on Monday, Memorial Day, 2018.




City police and county sheriff cars escorted the parade past Veterans Park at the Bridge (right) to prayers and a ceremony during which flowers and a cross were lowered into the waters of the Maumee River in solemn memory of the fallen Vets in our area, and to all those who gave their lives in conflict and battle.

Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg



This Spring the curtain opened on 14 Ohio State University sports championship efforts.

While titles in several major university sports completely eluded the Buckeyes, other OSU teams were busy adding hardware to the university’s very large trophy case.

OSU’s recent 14 Titles included =
Big Ten Championships:
1) Women’s Basketball (15th title overall)
2) Men’s Wrestling (4th title overall)
3) Men’s Gymnastics (14 title overall)
4) Men’s Tennis (12th straight title — 7th program in any sport to achieve 12 straight, or more, titles)
5) Women’s Tennis (2nd straight title)
6) Women’s Rowing (5th straight title)

Big Ten Tournament Titles:
1) Women’s Tennis (2nd straight title)
2) Men’s Tennis (12th overall)

Season, Tournament, & National Titles:
1) Men’s Volleyball (season = 26th overall; tourney = 16th overall, a league high; national = 2nd straight, 3rd since 2011 — Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association)

Fencing Team:
Won 5 squad titles and 3 team titles in their 11th overall and 4th consecutive Midwest Fencing Championships.

Women’s Pistol:
Won their 4th National title!

Women’s Synchronized Swimming:
Won their 30th National title!

Whew! Way to go, Buckeyes!



Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

O – H – I – O


Way to go, Ned and Sam !

Ohioans took note last weekend at the death of one of their own — former Major League Baseball pitcher and Ohio Baseball Hall of Famer Ned Garver. Ned graduated high school at Ney, Ohio, in 1943. All Ohioans know where Ney is located, right? Well…

Ned is one of two Ohioans to whom this post is dedicated today. The other recipient is a race car driver, from Defiance and Napoleon, Indianapolis 500 winner and three-time IndyCar Series champion Sam Hornish, Jr.

The common thread that binds these two time-honored Ohioans together can be summed up in one word: service.

While currently waiting for his next racing opportunity, Sam has been busy being a family man. He has two daughters and a son. He recently gave a suggestion to the school his two daughters attend. Have a dinner and program for fathers and daughters together, he offered; sponsored by the fathers, specifically to impress upon their daughters the facts of the right way a man should treat them when they become old enough to begin dating.

That is one awesome fatherly suggestion! The event was planned and held and was a smashing success! Applause goes to Sam and daughters and all the fathers and daughters who took part in this worthy event!

Ned also served his community, giving back to Ney as an elected mayor, a town council member, and a member of the town’s park board, after his return home in 1961.

As a major-leaguer, Ned recorded 20 wins in 1951 with the St. Louis Browns when his team lost over 100 games, and he remains the only ballplayer to achieve that distinction. In 14 years of Major League baseball, Ned constructed a stellar career with four different teams. He tossed 153 complete games and 18 shutouts overall, including 22 and 24 complete games in 1950 and 1951, respectively, with St. Louis. In 1951, Ned was the American League’s starting pitcher in the annual All Star game.

Ned’s success didn’t lead him away from his home area; rather, it brought him back to it. He worked the next 14 years after his baseball retirement for Dinner Bell Foods, Defiance. The company hired him as personnel director.

Defiance attorney Steve Hubbard described Ned in Mark Froelich’s column “Tributes Pour in for Ned Garver” published March 1, 2017, in the Defiance Crescent-News: “Ned was respected and admired by everyone who knew him.”

Others noted in Froelich’s column that Ned took time to sign autographs, serve officially in his little home town of Ney — nestled between Northwest Ohio’s Bryan and Defiance, and, yes, which actually had a high school once — and do good deeds for others, as well as to watch, instruct and encourage his area’s youngsters in their pursuit of playing at the major league baseball level.

The professional career successes of Ned and Sam have been noted numerous times, and it will continue to be so and to be well-deserved.

But their best successes have been achieved on the humankind playing field. They both are examples of how success should be handled and redistributed.

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

Some 2016 Accomplishments…


— Some Other Stuff on the Menu —

A whole lot of Ohioans earned honors and claimed various accomplishments in 2016. Here are a few such things from my area in Northwest Ohio:

***Congratulations, Paul Wayne! Paul coached boys’ varsity basketball in Holgate, Ohio, for 36 years. In July, Tinora High School, outside Defiance, Ohio, hired Paul to lead the basketball varsity boys’ team.

In 2015, Paul was inducted into the Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame. At Holgate, he compiled a win-loss record of 496-336, while his teams won seven Green Meadows Conference titles, 13 District Tournament championships, a couple of Regional Tournament titles, and a Division Four State Tournament championship in 2004.

***Alan Francis, 46, of Defiance, Ohio, won his 21st National Horseshoe Pitchers Association World Tournament Championship, once again defeating Brain Simmons, many times his closest rival. Alan referred to this title as “the hardest fought tournament I’ve ever won”.

***At the Henry County Fair in Napoleon, Ohio, Michelle Bockelman received the hardware for Showman of Showmen of the Junior Fair, representing the beef category competition.

***The Napoleon Twisters won the trophy in the All-Star Junior Cheer Division of the Henry County Fair’s cheerleading contests. Holgate’s High School cheerleaders took honors in the Large Varsity Class in the cheerleading competition, and the school’s Junior High squad captured the hardware in the Junior High Division. The Spirit Division trophy was earned by the HOPE Services Cougars.

***Marlene Cooper, of Defiance, Ohio, won the first place trophy at the 2016 Class A Ohio State Women’s Championships in horseshoe pitching. At 73, Cooper took her second title in that competition, having also won in 1993. Astoundingly, Cooper didn’t even pitch a horseshoe until she was already in her 50s!

***In Cross Country championships this year, Holgate’s girls’ team won the Green Meadows Conference and the female squad from Liberty Center, Ohio, triumphed as champions of the Northwest Ohio Athletic League.

***Hayden Clingaman of Stryker High School, Stryker, Ohio, chucked a 73 on the golf course, winning medalist honors in the Defiance, Ohio, Defiance Invitational.

***The Ayersville High School, Ayersville, Ohio, cheerleading squad won Grand Champions at the Ohio State Fair.

***Wauseon, Ohio, resident Megan Spengler had her third book in a series released in August. It’s titled “The Truth About Pimply-Faced Geeks”. Megan graduated in 1997 from Napoleon High School, Napoleon, Ohio.

***In matters of the heart, the Women’s Giving Circle of Defiance, Ohio, signed on its 101st member. The organization exists to help the women and children of Defiance County who are in need, using grants and donations to spur their giving efforts. In 2010, the group started its mission with just 10 women on board.

***The Henry County Senior of the Year and the HOPE Services Senior of the Year were named at the Henry County Fair. Honors went to Janet Foxe and Morris Gerken, respectively.

Good stuff! Congratulations, everyone!

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Bad and Sad

IMG_0486 (1024x768)

— Some Chicken Soup —

We pick up the conversation between BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT and BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT:

BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT: It was a sad loss at Penn State for the Buckeyes, wasn’t it?


BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT: Can they still win the Big Ten title?


BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT: Possible, but not likely. And Penn State would hold a tie-breaker against them even if they manage to beat Michigan and it comes to that.

BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT: Gosh! And it was just the first conference road loss for Coach Meyer, wasn’t it?

BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT: Correct. And just his second conference loss half way through his fifth season with the Buckeyes. He’s lost only five games total in that time, but each  of those losses have been key ones that potentially could spoil a championship, or bowl game.

BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT: Do you think they’ll do better?

BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT: As soon as new young Buckeyes realize they must bring their best to each game for the entire contest, they will win more championships.



Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg


Happy National Happiness Day

— Some Other Stuff on the Menu —

In today’s many times discouraging world of tragic headlines, bright spots do, indeed,


exist and many times, prevail, in the average lives of average Americans.

In Liberty Center, Ohio, the “Positive People Partners” pooled their positivity and declared October 7 (today) as National Forgiveness and Happiness Day.

The month of October nationwide is National Forgiveness and Happiness Month, and the first week of October is celebrated as National Forgiveness and Happiness  Week.

Liberty Center took the happiness pitch to a certain day, today, October 7.

The national proclamation that prompted October as National Forgiveness and Happiness Day proposes to ask people of the world to read, accept, and share the Proclamation of True Happiness. The Liberty Center partners dedicate themselves to producing true happiness, lots of love, great joy, the peace that passes all understanding, good health, good well being, and good wealth to be shared with their members and friends.

The Proclamation of True Happiness encourages values and decency in human relations:
+ in God we trust; one nation under God; with God all things are possible
+ to humble ourselves, surrender our egos, overcome our fears
+ to do God’s will, declare each day a truly happy day, love, listen, encourage, forgive
+ to give thanks, have gratitude, be positive
+ to speak the truth with love, ask good questions, listen with understanding, think in silence
+ to stop having to be right, stop finding fault, stop trying to control, stop being selfish

The Proclamation of True Happiness ( should be read three times and shared with as many people as possible on October 7, declares Positive People Partners president Robert Moyers.

If upholding the proclamation strikes you as a tall order, consider how much taller an order it would be to kick a drug habit, testify at a family dispute trial, make peace when all Hell breaks loose at a city council meeting, etc.

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to love thy fellow man in the first place — to seek inner peace and happiness to begin with — to pray for guidance and wisdom and institute it — to truly listen before a dispute enrages — to stay positive and encouraging…etc.

Happy National Forgiveness and Happiness Day, 2016 !

+++++ +++++ +++++
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So Young and So Much to Do

IMG_0429 (1024x768)

— Some Chicken Soup —


“Congratulations, football Buckeyes of THE Ohio State University! You won your second straight game of the young season and have outscored your two opponents, Bowling Green (of Ohio) and Tulsa (of Texas), by 112 points, 125 to 13!

“On to Oklahoma…

“realizing, of course, that the former No. 3 Sooners are once-beaten already. That means, if you beat them in Oklahoma on September 17, you should have, and it won’t be a ratings-boosting, quality win because you moved up to No. 4 after they lost their opening game and dropped to No. 14. Yesterday, the Sooners won, but at 1-1, they still will be ranked below you come next Saturday because you moved to No. 4 last week and won again yesterday.

“Got it?


“Just stay young and hungry! All you have to do is remain unbeaten through ten more games, then win the Big Ten Conference title game and you’ll move right into the four-team College Football Playoffs! No biggie (applause for sarcasm, please!)

“Silly ratings!”


Photo (Cee-Cee) from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

Sports Congratulations…


“Congratulations everyone!”

— Some Other Stuff on the Menu —

“Hi, everyone! This is Buckeye TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT to say congratulations to several teams and individuals who won state sports titles in 2016 competitions thus far.

“Defiance High School, in Defiance, Ohio, won their second state title in a row in baseball! More remarkable yet, the school’s victory represented its third diamond state-wide title in the last four years! Wow! Great stuff, guys!

“Down South in Columbus, Ohio, the Ohio State University Buckeyes won the men’s volleyball national title.

“Over in Napoleon, Ohio, just 13 miles East of Defiance, Sam Meece captured the state crown in Division II discus competition for his high school.

“Down between Napoleon and Columbus, Columbus Grove High School took a state title in the girls’ ranks of Div. III when Lyne’a Diller heaved the discus the farthest.

“Ottoville High School, West of Columbus Grove, saw Brooke Mangas deliver a high jump Div. III title for her girls’ high school track team.

“Edgerton High School, near Indiana’s eastern state line, sent Colin Etchen to compete in the pole vault, Div. III, and he brought home a state title.

“Dylan Snyder, of nearby Montpelier High School, grabbed state title honors in the Div. III 300 hurdles.

“Delta High School, further north, got the hardware for state titleist in the Div. III 100 hurdles. Bailey Storeholder delivered the goods.

“And, special congrats to Cincinnati, Ohio’s old Charlie Hustle, Pete Rose. At long last, hustlin’ Pete got Hall of Fame recognition. The all-time hits leader (4,192) in Major League Baseball was inducted into the Cincinnati Redlegs Hall at the age of 75 earlier this month. Love ya, Pete!

“On July 18, the Archbold, Ohio, Blue Streaks ACME baseball squad captured the Ohio state tournament title by rallying in the final inning against Celina. Great job, Streaks!

“If you want to mention someone else who is state title worthy, here, in Ohio, feel free to add their hardware performances with your own comments. See you next time!”


Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

Why… No One Knows

— Some Chicken Soup —

What a difference a year has made for The Ohio State University Buckeyes! As defending National College Football Champions, they just completed an underachieving season with a thrashing of Michigan, 42-13, but are left out in the cold. Michigan State, which beat the Buckeyes 17-14 a week ago in a mysteriously underplayed contest, will face undefeated Iowa in the Big Ten Championship game this Saturday (December 5) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Much of the same personnel who excelled last year in Urban Meyer’s third year as head coach were available again this season, but the script failed to read out in the same way it did in 2014.

I listened in on the after-game conversation of BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT and his pal BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT concerning their views of the Michigan State game and the circumstances that ensued with running back Zeke Elliott:


BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT: The thumping the Buckeyes gave Michigan in the Big House used to be good for a Big Ten Championship, didn’t it?


BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT: But they lost to Michigan State, so they ended in a tie for the title and Michigan State goes to the title game because they had the tiebreaker between themselves and Ohio State?


BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT: Zeke got 214 yards rushing against Michigan’s great defense. How come they didn’t give him the ball in the second half against Michigan State’s great defense?


BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT: Zeke said he deserved more touches against Michigan State. Was he right?


BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT: After the Michigan State game, Coach Meyer said Zeke would be more involved in the Michigan game. Why did he say that?


BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT: He must have forgotten Zeke rushed for over 200 yards in every playoff game last year and that Zeke had 15 straight games of 100 + yards gained going into the Michigan State game. Shouldn’t Zeke always be more involved?



BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT: Why did all the coaches say they figured out Zeke needed more carries after the Spartans beat them? They gave him only two carries in the second half. Don’t they decide what the plays will be and who will carry, or catch the ball? After Zeke had done so well in 25 games before this year’s Michigan State game, shouldn’t the coaches already have figured out that Zeke is their best ball carrier?


BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT: Coach Meyer is the head coach, right?


BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT: Why didn’t he tell the offensive coordinator coaches to give Zeke the ball?


BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT: Now our Buckeyes won’t make the playoffs, all because they didn’t give Zeke the ball against Michigan State! Beating Michigan didn’t do any good. We needed Zeke to stomp Michigan State, first!


BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT: And I wonder why all the Buckeyes played so poorly against Michigan State. Joey jumped off-sides against Michigan State more times than he did all the rest of the year. Everyone said the Michigan State game would be the most important game this season for the Buckeyes. Why didn’t they have a game plan?



BUCKEYE TUT-HUT-NUT-MUTT: Won’t you always wonder, too, why that Michigan State game was so strange?




Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

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